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gretsch stream_bod_13424 gretsch stream_f_13424 gretsch stream_n_13424 gretsch stream_h_13424
gretsch stream_bb_13424 gretsch stream_b_13424 gretsch stream_br_13424 gretsch stream_bh_13424

1957 Gretsch Streamliner. Model 6189. Serial #26690. Bamboo Yellow
Top. Copper Mist Back/Sides. New Gretsch Bridge. Finish Checking.
Nicks/ Dings. Headstock Sides "Recovered" To Cover Paint Blems.
Deluxe Martin Hardshell Case/One Broken Latch. Plays AWESOME. $2,000.

green gib_mm_bod_13330 green gib_mm_f_13330 green gib_mm_fn_13330 green gib_mm_h_13330
green gib_mm_bb_13330 green gib_mm_b_13330 green gib_mm_bn_13330 green gib_mm_bh_13330
green gib_mm_br_13330 green gib_mm_c_13330 green gib_mm_g_13330 green gib_mm_pg_13330

1966-1967 Gibson Melody Maker. Serial #700989 Inverness Green over Pelham Blue (Factory)
Nice Finish Checking. Added Jason Lollar Pickguard with Lollar Melody Maker P-90 Pickup!!
Short Vibrato Tailpeice. Original Softshell Case. Extremely Cool. $1200.

mustang bod_13300 mustang f_13300 mustang n_13300 mustang h_13300
mustang bb_13300 mustang b_13300 mustang c_13300 mustang bh_13300

1968 Fender Mustang Serial # 221338. Neck Date 16NOV68B. Yellowed
Olympic White. Finish Checking. Bridge Cover. Hang Tag. Nicks Dings.
E-Z-Pak Hardshell Case! Nice Original Condition $1600.

ric 320_bod_13240 ric 320_f_13240 ric 320_h_13240
ric 320_bb_13240 ric 320_b_13240 ric 320_bh_13240

1981 Rickenbacker Model 320. Serial # UK 4108. Jet Glo.
Missing Top Tier Guard. Nicks and Dings. Cool as Heck!
Original Hardshell Case.

epi century_red_bod_13184 epi century_red_f_13184 epi century_red_h_13184
epi century_red_bb_13184 epi century_red_b_13184 epi century_red_bh_13184

1962 Epiphone Century Model E422T. Serial #55311
Royal Burgandy. 1 PickUp. Missing Guard/ Tone Knob
"Tone" Insert. Nice Fingered Top. Nicks and Dings.
Finish Checking. New Epiphone Hardshell Case. Really Nice.

lp custum_bod_13080 lp custom_f_13080 lp custom_h_13080 lp custom_n_13080
lp custom_bb_13080 lp custom_b_13080 lp custum_bh_13080 lp custom_c_13080
lp custom_guts_13080 lp custom_s_13080 lp custum_pu_13080 lp custum_bpu_13080

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Serial # 81410520. Wine. 10 lbs. Ebony
Fretboard. Volute. Shaw Patent # 2737842 Metal Stamp Pickups.
Original Hardshell Case with Polish Cloth. Super Fine Condition.
Warm Humbucking Tone! $2700. HOLD

montclaire bod_12949 montclaire f_12949 montclaire h_12949
montclaire bb_12949 montclaire b_12949 montclaire bh_12949

Harmony Montclair. Model H956. 1960's Black. D'Armond
Pickup System. Gretsch Bridge. Some Nicks, Dings and
Stratches. Large Gig_bag. Very Cooool! $400.

guild s300d_bod_12495 guild s300d_f_12495 guild s300d_h_12495
guild s300d_bb_12495 guild s300d_b_12495 guild s300d_bh_12495

1977 Guild S-300D. Yellowed White. Serial # 165261
Stock DiMarzio Pickups. Phase Switch. Ebony Fretboard.
Nicks and Dings. Gibson Gig-Bag. Rock'N Roll Machine

wem bod_12308 wem f_12308 wem n_12308 wem h_12308
wem bb_12308 wem b_12308 wem p_12308 wem bh_12308

Wem England Sapphire. 1964-1968. Serial # 11976. Sunburst. 2 PickUps.
4 Position Selector. Kill Switch. Some Finish Checking. Few Nicks and Dings.
Levy GigBag. Very Cool! $900.

es335 cherry_bod_12207 es335 cherry_f_12207 es335 cherry_pu_12207 es335 cherry_h_12207
es335 cherry_bb_12207 es335 cherry_b_12207 es335 cherry_n_12207 es335 cherry_bh_12207

1968 Gibson ES-335 Cherry Sunburst. Serial # 525256. Dimarzio USA Pickups.
Coil Taps. Converted To Stop Tail Piece. New Gibson Deluxe Tuners and Knobs.
Some Nicks, Dings and Buckle Rash. Hardshell Case. Great Vintage Player Piece!

bobcat bod 11575 bobcat f 11575 bobcat b 11575 bobcat h 11575 bobcat bh 11575

1966 Harmony Silhouette/ Bob Kat. Model H-14. One Rowe Pickup. Sunburst. Changed Bridge.
Nicks and Dings. Original Softshell Case. Great Pickup! $325.

330 bod 11377 3330 f 11377 330 drop 11377 330 h 11377
330 bbod 1137 330 b 11377 330 bn 11377 330 bh 11377
330 end 11377 330 fn 11377 330 p 11377 330 bod 11377

1959 Gibson ES-330TN. Slimline. Hollow Body. Optional Natural Finish. Maple
Factory Order # S101711. 1 P-90 Pickup. Only One of 165 Made In 1959-1960!
Few Nicks and Dings. Replaced Nickel Trapeze Hinge Plate and Strap Button with
Gibson Metal Strap Button.
See Pic of Bag of Replaced Parts Included.
Original Gator Softshell Case. Rosewood Board on
Mahogany Neck. Oh My....$6000.

et 200 bod 10019 et 200 f 10019 et 200 b 10019 et 200 h 10019 et 200 bh 10019
1962 Teisco (Japan) ET-200. Sunburst. 2 Pickups. No Trem Arm. Nicks and Dings. No Case.
Big Enuff Headstock For Ya? $250.
40 harm bod 08895 40 harm f 08895 40 harm b 08895 40 harm h 08895 40 harm bh 08895
Harmony Archtop. D'Armond Flushmount Pickup. Late 1940's. Dark Sunburst. Repaired Back Crack.
Soft Case. OL' Chicago Blues! $375.
hag 1 bod 08819 hag 1 f 08819 hag 1 b 08819 hag 1 bh 08819 hag 1 h 08819
Hagstrom Model 1. 1965? Plastic Top. Red. 2 Pickups. Some Nicks and Dings. Tunamatic Bridge.
Original Hardshell Case. This One Is In Great Condition! $800.
tornado front 6765 tornado body 6765 tornado head 6765 tornado back 6765 tornado bback 6765 tornado bhead 6765 tornado cloth 6765

Vox Tornado. 1965 - 1967. By Vox Jennings Musical Industries. Made in Italy. Has some Finish checking - plays great,
does the invasion sound thing, crank verb add trem and go!
comes with the original JMI/Vox polish cloth. Clean. Soft Case $700.


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