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mart d35_77_bod_13397 mart d35_77_f_13397 mart d35_77_h_13397 mart d35_77_hd_13397
mart d35_77_bb_13397 mart d35_77_b_13397 mart d35_77_n_13397 mart d35_77_bh_13397

1977 Martin D-35 Serial # 390153. Fishman 9 Volt Pickup. Small Repaired
Top Crack (see image) Finish Checking. Some Nicks and Dings. Recent
Deluxe Martin Hardshell Case. Wonderful. $2200.

mart 75_d35_bod_13290 mart 75_d35_f_13290 mart 75_d35_n_13290 mart 75_d35_h_13290
mart 75_d35_bb_13290 mart 75_d35_b_13290 mart 75_d35_t_13290 mart 75_d35_bh_13290

1975 Martin D-35 Serial # 356366. New Martin Pickguard. Shaved Saddle.
Redressed Frets. Few Nicks and Dings. Nice Original Hardshell Case.
Ready To Go! Just Amazing. $2100.

mart d18_bod_13164 mart d18_f_13164 mart d18_br_13164 mart d18_h_13164
mart d18_bb_13164 mart d18_b_13164 mart d18_heel_13164 mart d18_bh_13164

1973 Martin D-18 Serial #329684. Neck Reset By Mitchell's Guitar Parlor.
New Saddle./Pickguard. Bone Bridge Pins. Small Top Crack Repaied.
Finish Checking. 9 Volt Bridge Pickup. Nicks and Dings. Some Back Neck
Wear. Original Hardshell Case. Plays Great, Sounds Huge! $2,000.

tag 360_bod_12833 tak 360_f_12833 tak 360_h_12833
tak 360_bb_12833 tak 360_b_12833 tak 360_bh_12833

1981 Takamine Japan F-360 Flattop. Law Suit Era!
Solid Spruce Top. Rosewood Back and Sides. Added
Bridge PickUp. 9 Volt. Manual. Original Hardshell Case.
Nice Example! Plays It's Heart Out! $750.

tenor 6_bod_11941 tenor 6_f_11941 tenor 6_h_11941 tenor 6_c_11941
tenor 6__bb_11941 tenor 6_b_11941 tenor 6_bh_11941 tenor 6_br_11941
No Name 6 String Tenor Flattop. 1940's. Mahagony. X-Braced. Old Repaired
Top and Headstock Cracks. Nicks and Dings. Finish Checking. Old Period Soft Shell Case.
This thing drives me crazy! First One I've ever seen! $500.
gib mk35 bod 11717 gib mk35 f 11717 gib mk35 h 11717
gib mk35 b 11717 gib mk35 bb 11717 gib mk35 bh 11717
gib mk35 hole 11717 gib mk35 bbhole2 11717 gib mk35 bbhole1 11717
1975 Gibson MK-35 Flattop. Serial #301195. Nicks and Dings.
Natural Spruce Top. Mahogany Back and Sides. BB Gun Holes
Filled on sides...see pics....repair nicely done!
Who would shoot a guitar?
Original Hardshell Case. $750.
gib lg2 bod 11600 gib lg f 11600 gib lg h 11600 gib lg a 11600
gib lg2 bbod 11600 gib lg2 b 11600 gib lg bh 11600 gib lg heel 11600
gib lg2 n 11600 gib lg sh 11600 gib lg a 11600 gib lg2 bod 11600
1946 Gibson LG-2. Sunburst. New Bridge/ Bridge Plate/Bone Saddle. Nicks
and dings. Finish Checking. Original Tuners Rebuttoned. X-Braced. 3 Braces
Re-glued. Really Nice Case/Bag. This Baby is ready to go! Beautiful Sound.
I love it....$3300.
gretsch 75 bod 09284 gretsch 75 f 09284 gretsch  75 bbod 09284 gretsch 75 b 09284 gretsch 75 bw 09284 gretsch 75 h 09284 gretsch 75 bh 09284
1949 Gretsch Synchromatic 75. Serial # 2404. Sunburst. Pickguard Deteriorating 3 spots. Some nicks, dings, body wear. Spruce Top.
Hardshell Case. Amazing Condition for it's Age! Plays Nice too. $850.
green kay bod 08943 green kay f 08943 green kay b 08943 green kay h 08943 green kay bh 08943
Kay Archtop. Model ?? 1950's. Faux Green Flame. Missing Pickguard. Nicks and Dings. Original
Soft Case. Plays Great! $250.


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