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strat parts_bod_13432 strat parts_f_13432 strat parts_h_13432
strat parts_bb_13432 strat parts_b_13432 fender strats_bh_13432

Fender Parts Stratocaster. Hardtail. Inca Silver. Fender
Mexico Robert Cray Body and Hardware. Fender 2007
Mary Kaye Reissue Neck. Minor Fret Wear. Fender '50's
Reissue Pickups. CTS Pots. Fender Reissue Tuners.
Nicks and Dings. Road Runner Hardshell Case.
Tastefully Assembled by Dan McClusky. Real Smooth!

strat mex_transred_bod_13411 strat mex_transred_f_13411 strat mex_transred_h_13411
strat mex_transred_bb_13411 strat mex_transred_b_13411 strat mex_transred_bh_13411

2012 Fender Mexico Deluxe Player Stratocaster.
Trans Red Ash. Gold Hardware. Vintage Noisless
Pickups. Filled Strap Button Hole. Few Nicks and
Dings. Tweed Hardshell Case with Candy. $675.

squier tele_blonde_bod_13155 squier tele_blonde_f_13155 squire tele_blonde_h_13155
squire tele_blonde_b_13155 squire tele_blonde_back_13155 squire tele_blonde_bh_13155

2010 Squire Standard Telecaster. Blonde. Fender Tuners.
Nicks and Dings. Fender Deluxe Gig Bag. Excellent Player

cc lp_jr_bod_13126 cc lp_jr_f_13126 cc lp_jr_h_13126
cc lp_jr_bb_13126 cc lp_jr_b_13126 cc lp_jr_bh_13126

Conover Custom Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Sunburst.
Bone Nut. Frets Leveled/Crowned. First Generation
PAF BADASS Bridge. 1950's wiring. Nicks /Dings .
Fender Gig Bag. Mucho Better Now....$300.

cc lp_cust_bod_13120 cc lp_cust_f_13120 cc lp_cust_h_13120
cc lp_cust_bb_13120 cc lp_cust_b_13120 cc lp_cust_bh_13120

Conover Custom Epiphone Les Paul Custom. 3 Pickups.
Black/ Gold. 9.2 lbs. Bone Nut. 3 volumes/one tone control.
Neck position Push/Pull tap. Gibson USA Inserts In tailpeice.
Tone Pros Locking Tailpeice. 1950's wiring. Strap Loks.
Frets Leveled/Crowned. Nick/Dings. TKL Hardshell Case.
Signed by Zakk Wylde. SMOOTHE! $650.

cc lpsg_bod_13111 cc lpsg_f_13111 cc lpsg_h_1311
cc lpsg_bb_13111 cc lpsg_b_1311 cc lpsg_bh_1311

Conover Customn (Dillion) LP/SG Jr. Cherry. 6.1pds.
Humcanceling Fralin P-90 Pick Up. Headstock Reshaped
and Painted. All Logos Added. 70's Gibson Knobs. CTS Pots.
Bone Nut. Klusen Tuners. Gibson Anchors/Tone Pros
Locking Studs. Nickel Plated Aluminum Tailpeice. Few Nicks.
Epi Hardshell Case. One Of A Kind By Ed Conover.
This Thing drives me crazy. $650.

squire thin_bod_13051 squire thin_f_13051 squire thin_h_13051
squire thin_bb_13051 squire thin_b_13051 squire thin_bh_13051

2012 Squire Thinline Telecaster. Black. Duncan Design
Pickups. Some Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig-Bag. $250.

tele mex_red_bod_13041 tele mex_red_f_13041 tele mex_red_h_13041
tele mex_red_bb_13041 tele mex_red_13041 tele mex_red_bh_13041

1994 Fender Mexico Telecaster Standard. Red.
some Nicks and Dings. MINOR Fretwear. L'il Beat
Molded Hardshell case. Chicken Picker! $425

epi wood_bod_13030 epi wood_f_13030 epi wood_h_13030
epi wood_bb_13030 epi wood_b_13030 epi wood_bh_13030

Epiphone Dot Studio. Worn Brown. Semi-Recent.
Semi-Hollow. CLEAN! Few minor Nicks and Scrtaches.
Original Hardshell Case. Ready To Rip! $300.

edenlefty bod_4159 edenlefty bb_4159 eden lefty_p_4159

Eden Lefty "Strat" Body. Black. 1 piece Alder. Copper
Shielded. Fender Block/Bridge. Pickguard/Back Plate/
Strap Loks. $125.

gatton bod_13003 gatton f_13003 gatton bb_13003 gatton b_13003 gatton h_13003
gatton bh_13003 gatton n_13003 gatton pu_13003 gatton p_13003 gatton guts_13003

"Gatton Tele" Parts Guitar. Butterscotch. Ash Body....Squire? Eden Maple Neck.
Fender Bridge. JBE Style Pickups. Nice Graphics. Buckle Rash. Nicks and Dings.
Fender Molded Hardshell Case. Spankin! $650.

cc mary__bod_12943 cc mary_f_12943 cc mary_h_12943
cc mary_bb_12943 cc mary_b_12943 cc mary_bh_12943

Conover Custom "Mary Kaye Esquire" Trans Ash Body
Dimarzio Humbuckers/Coil Tap. /Fender Floyd Bridge.
Ebony Fretboard. Grover Alice In Wonderland Neck Plate.
TKL Hardshell Case. Awesome Customn By Ed Conover

lp usa_studio_bod_12925 lp usa_studio_f_12925 lp usa_studio_h_12925
lp usa_studio_bb_12925 lp usa_studio_b_12925 lp usa_bh_12925

2012 Gibson USA Les Paul Studio Faded. Worn Ebony
CTS Pots. Few Nicks and Dings. Great Shape. Gibson
Hardshell Case. Hot Pickups! $725.

art tcherry_bod_12897 artcore f_12583 artcore b_12583 artcore h_12583 art tcherry_12897

Ibanez Artcore AS-7 2007? Trans Cherry. Some Nicks and Dings. Gibson Burstbucker
Pickups. Wings Gig Bag. Ready To Fly! $350.

burton tete_bod_12868 burtun tele_f_12868 buton tele_h_12868
burton tele_bb_12868 burton tele_b_12868 burton tele_bh_12868

1995 Fender Mexico James Burton Telecaster. Candy
Apple Red. Duncan Rail Pickup. Twisted Tele Pickup.
Minor Fetwear. Some Nicks and Dings. Fender Molded
Hardshell Case. Ready To Go! $ 575.

prs ce_bod_12698 prs ce_f_12698 prs ce_h_12698
prs ce_bb_12698 prs ce_b_12698 prs ce_bh_12698

1989 Paul Reed Smith CE24. Maple Top. Serial # 971180
Stress Crack on body to neckjoint on low string side.
Cherry Sunburst Flametop. Spertzels. Nicks and Dings.
Missing Back Plate. MINOR Fret Wear. Original Hardshell
Case. Simple and So Sweet! $1300.

frankenstrat bod_12686 frankenstrat f_12686 frankenstrat h_12686
frankenstrat bb_12686 frankenstrat b_12686 frankenstrat bh_12686

"Frankenstrat" Sunburst Foto-Flame Quilt Top? Bound Top.
Fender Tuners/Neck Plate. Flame Maple Neck. Squire Bridge.
Mexican Pickups? 5LBS. Nicks and Dings. Molded Fender
Harshell Case. Spanky Thang! $325.

cc 65er_bod_12655 cc 65er_f_12655 cc 65er_h_12655
cc 65er_bb_12655 cc 65er_b_12655 cc 65er_bh_12655

Conover Custom "Strat 65er" Cream White. Maple Slab
Neck. Bone Nut. 2 Piece Ash Body. 2nd Generation Floyd
Rose. Dimarzio PAF Bridge Pickups. "F" Speaced.Fender
57/62 Middle Pickup. 70's Dimarzio Fat Strat Neck Pickup.
Master Volume/Tone Controls. Bridge To Neck Controls.
Custom Output Cup! Push Pull Coil Tap.Gator Hardshell
Case. Screamer! $750.

artcore bod_12583 artcore f_12583 artcore b_12583 artcore h_12583 artcore bh_12583

2012 Ibanez Artcore AG-95. Hollow Body. 2 Pickups. Figured Burbinga Top/Back/Sides.
Gold Hardware. Original Hardshell Case with Candy. Great Condition! $450. Hold awaiting

swingster bod_12566 swingster f_12566 swingster h_12566
swingster bb_12566 swingster b_12566 swinster bh_12566

EpiphoneSwingster. Limited Edition. Recent. Orange.
Cool Bigsby. Spruce Top. Flame Maple Back and Sides.
Push/ Pull Tone Controls. Optional Pickguard. Original
Hardshell Case with Candy. Few Nicks and Dings.
Twang city! $700.

stud dlx_bod_12526 stud dlx_f_12526 stud dlx_h_12526
stud dlx_bb_12526 stud dlx_b_12526 stud dlx_bh_12526

2009 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe. Sunburst.
Push Pull Coil Taps. Few Nicks and Dings. Original
Hardshell Case. Ready To Rock and Roll! $1250.

squire tele_bod_12398 squire tele_f_12398 squire tele_h_12398
squire tele_bb_12398 squire tele_b_12398 squire tele_bh_12398

2004 Squier Telecaster Custom P90. Black. Duncan Designed
Pickups. Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig bag. Cool Geet! $250.

aria bod_11905 aria f_11905 aria h_11905
aria bb_11905 aria b_11905 aria bh_11905

Aria Pro II Fullerton. 1995-2000. Sunburst. Some Nicks
and Dings. Cort Gig Bag. Nice Guitar. $200.

lp cs 58 bod 11688 lp cs 58 f 11688 lp cs 68 pu 11688 lp cs 58 h 11688
lp cs 58 bbod 11688 lp cs 58 b 11688 lp cs 58 cert 11688 lp cs 58 bh 11688

2009 Gibson Custom Shop '58 Les Paul. Model LPR8F VOS. Serial # CR89007
Chambered. 6.8lbs! COA. Lite Flame. Cherry Sunburst. Nickel Hardware.
Burst Bucker Pickups. Neck=7.5K / Bridge=7.9K. Original Hardshell Case
with Candy!. Chunky Neck. Oh My....$3100.

gem bod 11662 gem f 11662 gem h 11662
gem bbod 11662 gem b 11662 gem bh 11662

Ibanez Jem 555. 1990's Off White. Nice Vine Inlay. 3 Dimarzi
Pickups. Floyd Rose. Monkey Grip. Couple of Nicks and Dings.
Screamer! Original Hardshell Case. $425.

ferrn bod 11567 ferrn b 11567 ferrn f 11567 ferrn h 11567 ferrn bh 11567
Fernandez Japan "60's Strat". 1980's Black. Large Headstock. Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig Bag.
Neet Geet! $350.
schecter 12 bod 11310 schecter 12 f 11310 schecter 12 h 11310
schecter bbod 11310 schecter 12 b 11310 schecter 12 bh 11310
2012 Schecter Star Gazer 12 String. White/Black Guards.
Coil Taps. Strap-Loks. Original Hardshell Case. Shazam!
car strat bod 11210 car strat f 11210 car strat h 11210
car strat bbod 11210 car strat b 11210 car strat bh 11210
1986 Fender Japan '60's Stratocaster Reissue. Classic Series.
Candy Apple Red. Under Pickguard was Neatly Routed For
Clapton Boost Circuit which was Removed. 9 Volt Battery Holder
On Back Body. Fender USA Highway 1 Pickups. Nicks, Dings....
See Back Head Stock. Plays AWESOME! $550.
high1 bod 11071 high1 f 11071 high1 h 11071
high1 bbod 11071 high1 b 11071 high1 bh 11071

2009 Fender USA Highway 1 Stratocaster. Sunburst Satin
Laquer Finish. Texas Special Pickups. Some Nicks and Dings
if you look hard! MBT Hardshell Case. Great Tone! $700.

willbury bod 10934 willbury f 10934 willbury h 10934
willbury bbod 10934 willbury b 10934 willbury bh 10934

Gretsch (Korea) Traveling Wilburys Model TW-100.
1988-1990. One of 6 Variations. No Case. Too Strange! $250.

roll rock bod 10888 roll rock f 10888 roll rock b 10888 roll rock h 10888 roll rock bh 10888

2002 Squire Rolling Rock Telecaster Standard. 20th Anniversary Green Metallic. Fender Gig-Bag.

sg auth bod 10858 sg auth f 10858 sg auth tf 10855 sg auth h 10858
sg auth bbod 10858 sg auth b 10858 sg auth tb 10858 sg auth bh 10858

2005 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard Authentic. Serial # 01785698. Cherry.
One Piece Mahogany Body. Few Nicks. Original Hardshell Case. Truely Nice!
Nickel Hardware. $2000.

signstrat bod 10418 signstrat b 10418 signstrat f 10418 signstrat h 10418 sigstrat bh 10418
1995 Fender Mexico Stratocaster. Blonde. Minor Finish Wear. Pickguard Scratches.
Signed by Reggie McBride, Bonnie Raitt, Keb'Mo'. Tour Gidbag. Plays Nice. $300.
lesjet bod 09323 lesjet f 09323 lesjet b 09323 lesjet h 09323 lesjet bh 09323
Epiphone Les Paul Customized! 1996. Purple Sparkle. USA Bigsby.TV Jones Hot Pickups.CTS Pots.
Sperzel Tuners. Original Hardshell Case. Les Paul Turned Duo Jet! $750.
jd tele bod 08213 jd tele f 08213 jd tele bbod 08213 jd tele b 08213 jd tele h 08213 jd tele bh 08213
Fender Japan JD Telecaster. 1990's. Sunburst. Gene Parson's Installed B-Bender. Bill Keath D-Tuner.Some Nicks/
Dings. Fender Gig-Bag (Hard to Find A Hardshell to Fit Because of the D-Tuner on Back Of Head Stock)
Just Awesome. $1800.
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