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jet city jetten 12887
Jet City Jettenuator. Recent. As New inBox. $150.
boss roland Echo 12289
Boss RE- 20 Roland Space Echo RE-201 Pedal. Ac Adaptor. Box/Manual. As- New.$250.
 GNI (Brazil) Fuzz Tortion Pedal 9 Volt       $100.
gni fuzz dist 11774
carlmartinflange 11684 palmer hurrigain 11685
Carl Martin Vintage Series Classic Flange. Recent. Box.        Palmer (Germany) Hurrigain Overdrive Pedal. Box.
                   As New. $120.                                                                   As New. $100
fulltone deja vibe 11478
Fullertone Deja Vibe. Model MDV-2. AC Adaptor, Original Box. Manual. Bridge of Sighs. $325.
frev f 10139
     1997 Fender Reissue Tube Reverb. USA. Brown Tolex. Footswitch. Clean. Mean. $475. see pic below!
frev b 10139
                                                    1997 Fender Reverb Rear Panel

ts9 ri 12051 ts9 ri e 12051
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Re-Issue. Analog Man #808 Mod. $100.
diditech pds 10553
Digitech PDA 1002 Two Second Didital Delay Pedal. $125.
wampler  10556
       Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal. Box. $165.
dunlop jimmie 1052
   Dunlop JH-F1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal. Box. $100.
homebrew 09960
   Homebrew Electronic Three Hound Chorus Pedal.
                       Box. $160.
metal pedal 09959
Metal Pedals JH-3 Overdrive Pedal. Box. $185.
fat sandwich 09536
Way Huge Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator Pedal. 9 Volt. $100.
 rat 12050
bossdelay 09958 
       Pro Co USA The Rat 2 Pedal $60.                 Boss DD-3 Digital Delay pedal. Box. $90.            
Keeley Java
Clean Boost Pedal $175
Line 6
Space Chorus Pedal $85

deltalab 09914
ibanez sonic 09913
     DeltaLab T01 Tube        Overdrive Pedal. Box  $40

Ibanez Sonic Distortion Mod. Pedal. $70.

dunlap mc404 08681
Dunlop CAE Wah Pedal. Model MC404. Dual Fasel. Box. $125.