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chrome jazz_bod_13211 chrome jazz_f_13211 chrome jazz_h_13211
chrome jazz_bb_13211 chrome jazz_b_13211 chrome jazz_bh_13211

2012 Fender Mexico Blacktop Series Jazz Bass. White
Chrome Pearl. 2 P-Bass Pickups! Strap-Loks. Few Minor
Nicks and Dings. St Blues Hardshell case. Big Tones!

inca jazz_bod_13200 inca jazz_f_13200 inca jazz_bb_13200 inca jazz_h_13200

1997 Fender USA Jazz Bass Deluxe. Inca Silver. 9 Volt Active EQ.
Some Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell case. Killer. $925.

PV fury_bod_13133 PV fury_f_13133 PV fury_h_13133
PV fury_bb_13133 PV fury_b_13133 PV fury_bh_13133

Peavey USA Fury Bass. Black. 1983-99. Jackson Pickups.
Nicks/Dings/ Scratches/ Softshell Case. Ready To Rock!

fret5 bod_12806 fret5 f_12806 fret5 h_12806
fret5 bb_12806 fret5 b_12806 fret5 bh_12806

Ibanez Korea TR Series Fretless Bass. 2 Pickups. Midnight
Blue. Some Nicks and Dings. Road Runner Gig-Bag. $250
Slip and Slide!

tbird bod_12802 tbird f_12802 tbird h_12802
tbird BB_12802 tbird b_12802 tbird bh_12802

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Bass. Recent. 9 Volt Active.
Natural Oil Finish. Added Strap Button. Original Hardshell
Case. Monster! $475.

fen5 bod_12786 fen5 f_12786 fen5 h_12786
fen5 bb_12786 fen5 b_12786 fen5 bh_12786

2003 Fender (Mexico) 5 String Jazz Bass. Cream.
Strung With High B Now! Few Nicks. Fender Gig-Bag.
Lot's Of Fun! $350.

epi bass_bod_12025 epi bass_f_12025 epi bass_h_12025
epi bass_bb_10025 epi bass_b_12025 epi bass_bh_12025

Epiphone Korea EBM4 Bass. 1990's. Trans Cherry. Gold
Hardware. 9 Voly, Active Tone. Nicks and Scratches.
Wings Gig-Bag. Very Cool! $350.